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about us

About Us

Carrier is the first kind of logistics transportation chain in your city which solely deals in transportation of domestic & commercial goods, which can make your purchase, packing and shifting more easy and affordable .We add value for our customers by helping them to save money, time and energy .We understand the evolving needs of our customers and thus have came forward with this service network to make life easier and hazzle free. Customer satisfaction is always be our top priority. Carrier services guarantee to take the packing , shifting and carrying of goods to another level of perfection within a click.

Benefits of Carrier

Adorable Price

No hidden prices. Rates are reasonable which makes it easy to manage your budget. We value your money.

Professional Team

For packing your goods and delivering it to your destination while shifting ,we have a team of professional workers and drivers .

Easy to register

Easy registration to our app makes it easy to manage your time.

Door step service

We are just a click away from you to provide door step service.

In and out city service

Not only inside your city but we carry consignments outside the city too.

Different segments of vehicle

We provide vehicle according to customer needs.